So This is Love

Lambskin carpets, royal velvet textures with glass pumpkins.

Chanda’s vision for this inspired shoot showcases a winter in Montana adaptation of Cinderella.The shoot was set at timeless white barn, one of which blends its history and the modern beautifully. Chanda incorporated a friesian horse, velvet textures, a garden styled bouquet to preserve the tale’s era. By dressing the bride in a modern lace gown, adorning her in jewels featuring the iconic blue with a crown and cloak, and a winter white bouquet, Chanda styles the perfect princess inspired bride. The groom is styled in a navy suit with a classic black shoe, his tie and square feature a floral pattern that echoes the ferning in ice durning the winter. The tablescape displays glass pumpkins, vintage brass candlesticks, and an ivy and baby’s breath garland over a velvet Cinderella blue linen. The glass plates are custom etched with lovely quotes and the clear chairs are cushioned with lambskins, a luxury nod to the winter elements just outside.

So this is love, this is what makes life divine.

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