Love and Snowflakes

An adventure-filled love story surrounded by the stunning beauty of the mountains and snowfall.

In the heart of the winter wonderland, a wedding bloomed, surrounded by the beauty of the snow-clad mountains. The design elements of this unforgettable celebration harmoniously blended elegance and rustic charm to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that enveloped the couple and their guests.

At the ceremony site, lush greenery provided a fresh and vibrant contrast to the serene snowy backdrop. The vibrant leaves were arranged skillfully to create a beautiful tableau that seemed to be the perfect complement to the snowflakes outside. The foliage was strategically placed to create an organic and wild aesthetic, reminiscent of the surrounding landscape. After the ceremony snow fell, swirling from the sky adding some magic to the couple’s photos.

While at the reception, at The Big Sky Resort, antique gold candlesticks added a touch of old-world charm and romance to the rustic atmosphere. The candle flames flickered gently, carrying the warmth of the fireplace throughout, casting a warm and inviting glow that added a touch of magic to the celebration. The soft light created by the candles seemed to create a blanket of intimacy that surrounded the couple, inviting them to bask in the love and warmth of their special day.

The antlers, a nod to the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and the rustic atmosphere of the lodge, were incorporated seamlessly into the design. They were placed in each centerpiece to create a rustic that contrasted the chic in the floral arrangements, all enhancing the ambiance of the celebration.

The pastel blooms and lush greenery, with their soft hues and delicate petals, brought a touch of serenity and grace to the event. The blooms were carefully arranged to create a natural and effortless look, enhancing the overall beauty of the celebration. They added a delicate touch of femininity and romance to the proceedings, underscoring the love and commitment that the couple shared. The wedding was a testament to the power of design to create a truly unforgettable and magical experience for all those present.

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